Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video: Right To Life Debate At University Of Ottawa

What happens when pro-aborts don't chant or heckle or find some other way to drown out the pro-life speaker? They lose the debate. The recent debate on whether physicians should provide or refer for abortion, which took place last week at the University of Ottawa, proves just that.

Here's the video of the debate: Stephanie Gray, from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform versus Jovan Morales from Atheist Community of University of Ottawa. Watch and see for yourself who is the one that makes a convincing case.

Even the pro-aborts admit that they lost. (Although they blame the outcome on speaker and the organizers.)
A "pro-choice" commenter to my blog said that:
"this debate was a total set-up. no one from the pro-choice community in ottawa was asked to participate in the debate. while it was nice that Jovan accepted the non-invitation, he did not have the background or experience to argue from the perspective of the pro-choice movement and ended up making some pretty oppressive and ineffectivley thought-out arguments. stephanie spends her entire career articulating these issues, of course she "won". but the pro-life side certainly didn't gain any credibility for such a poorly run event."
Well, judging from the video it certainly doesn't look like Stephanie was preaching to the choir. You can hear some guy yelling out "bull####", "liar" and similar remarks, which were greeted with cheering and clapping from quite a few students. So the pro-abort public certainly was there. As for that commenter's assertion that Jovan Morales "did not have the background or experience" to defend the pro-abortion position - it looks like all those that supposedly have the background and the experience, simply chose not to participate. Their experience and background must have told them that they had no chance of winning the debate in the first place.

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