Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fetal Rights Debate Goes On - With Or Without Harper

Despite Harper's warning not to rock the boat, we have more MPs expressing their support to reopening the abortion debate:
Kitchener-Centre's Tory MP Stephen Woodworth said in a media release issued earlier this week that Canadian laws governing human rights and the unborn are outdated and need to be re-examined.

"I have to say, I support Steven Woodworth’s call for this kind of discussion," Watson said.

Watson said human rights for the unborn and abortion don't necessarily go hand-in-hand but said "there could be links between the two."

"I’d love to hear the debate on this. What are the various permutations and implications if human rights are extended to the unborn?" Watson said. "Parliament is exactly the place to have that discussion. If it doesn’t happen in Parliament, where do we have these discussions?"
It's even more surprising that the CBC actually chose to use the words rights of unborn in one sentence and without quotes. And then, just several days later, we heard Rona Ambrose, the minister for Status of Women speaking out against sex-selection abortions.

Harper, of course, was quick to distance himself from these statements, suggesting that while individual MPs can discuss whatever issues they want - that doesn't necessarily reflect the position of the government. Oh well, at least he admits that individual MPs (including those from his own party) actually have rights to bring controversial issues forward for discussion. Let them do just that. Let them keep the discussion going - you never know who's next to be convinced.

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