Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prolife Letter Writing Campaign

As the Parliament is about to begin debating Motion 312 (the one that challenges the current definition of a human being,) Letters4Life has launched a campaign to send 100,000 pro-life letters to the Prime Minister, voicing our opposition to abortion.
In Canada we have a law (Section 223 of the Criminal Code) stating that the unborn are not human beings until they have proceeded entirely from the mother's womb. This means that even if the little toe of the baby remains in the birth canal, it is still not considered a human being and can be killed with no consequences whatsoever.

MP Stephen Woodworth has proposed Motion 312, to open the discussion about the humanity of the unborn. This would mean a possible reconsideration of this outdated law that was first enacted 400 years ago in British common law. Please support this motion to recognize children in the womb as human beings! Write your letter(s) today.

In Canada alone, 100,000 unborn children are aborted every year. Around the world, one child is killed every three seconds.
Please take a few minutes to write your letter for life.

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