Sunday, December 21, 2014

Brian Gallant & Unrestricted Abortion Funding - We Told You So

New Brunswick Right to Life says the legal basis being advanced for the provincial government’s new abortion policy is nothing but pro-choice propaganda.

Commenting on the rationale some MLAs used yesterday in the Legislature, executive director Peter Ryan said, “We heard the statement ‘a woman’s right to choose is the law’ ad nauseam,” he said. “That statement is pure propaganda. The Supreme Court has created no such right. To hang your hat on such hogwash is shameful. The assertion made would be laughable except its consequence will prove fatal for many children in this province,” he said.

Ryan said yesterday will go down as a dark day in New Brunswick history. He referred to the Legislative Assembly’s refusal to debate a historic change in provincial abortion policy. His association maintains the practical effect of the planned changes is tax-funded abortion on demand, “something not required by law, and contrary to good medicine, the will of New Brunwickers, and the tenets of morality.”

“Members had a window today to consider the plight of thousands of preborn children and vulnerable women whose lives will be put at risk by the pending removal of abortion restrictions January 1,” said executive director Peter Ryan. “Most chose to slam that window shut. To use a biblical term, they hardened their hearts. Innocent children will die as a result.”
Special thanks to the People's Alliance voters. It's their vote splitting that delivered all 4 tossup ridings to the Liberals. David Alward and the PCs weren't good enough for them - they got Brian Gallant and his radicalized Liberals. And so are all of us here in New Brunswick.

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