Sunday, December 30, 2007

Culture Of Death Destroys Atlantic Canada

FREDERICTON - Atlantic Canada will become the Third World of the 21st century unless provincial governments immediately get to work on population growth, predicts the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.
"Unless we do something to make changes, we face two options. One is that the public services of the future will be lessened ... or, alternatively, the tax impact on the working population will have to be higher. Either way, it means a lower standard of living."
No surprise here; especially when you have someone like the chairperson of NB advisory council on the status of women (Ginette Petitpas-Taylor) vigorously promoting contraception, pursuing abortions on demand as women's right and making up lies about pro-life protesters being "bussed-in every week" to "publicly bully" women that enter abortion clinics.

When it comes to proposing a solution, the article doesn't say much about addressing the demographic problem. All the proposals are aimed at bringing more people to the workforce:
Munro said the region will also have to start bringing under-employed groups into the workforce, such as aboriginals and people with disabilities.

Munro, an economist with the market institute, believes there will have to be wholesale tax changes and a new attitude towards child care to encourage more women to work.
In plain English: Keep slaughtering thousands of Atlantic Canadian babies before they get a change to see daylight and count on the handicapped to replace them at workplace. Increase the tax penalty for single income families to pay for the system of public upbringing (Marx is dead but his ideas live on) and get those housewives to work...

That may postpone the workforce crisis for a few years. But it won't prevent it from happening since it wont prevent the society from aborting and contracepting itself out of existence. Creating an environment in which children will be spending more time at school or at a daycare, than with their parents is not going to strengthen families or encourage parenthood. Especially if those public daycares are managed by the same radical socialists and feminists like Petitpas-Taylor who claim to speak for all the women of New Brunswick.

The real solution is - the culture of life. We need to strengthen traditional families, encouraging parents to spend more time with their children. We need a cultural environment that would encourage commitment, rather than selfishness; that would value parenthood, rather than promiscuity; that would teach our children abstinence and fidelity, not "safe sex". Only the culture of life will help us overcome the demographic problem. Like it or not but there's no other solution!

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