Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Gender Confusion" And Other Nonsense

Even after redefining marriage and launching massive persecution campaign against those who won't accept their lifestyle choice as moral, natural and inborn, those militant perverts keep finding reasons to accuse the society of discrimination.
Case in point: A recent report on a popular homosexual "news" site declares, "A transgendered student says he is the victim of discrimination at a small Massachusetts community college because he is biologically female."

Say what? "He" is "female"? Welcome to PC-ville. Come for the oxymoron, stay for the cognitive dissonance.

In other news, "French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte says he is the victim of discrimination because he is biologically Bob from Detroit."
At the same time - since this "female trapped in a man's body" can pretend to be a "bride" of another man at a marriage-like ceremony for which an official certificate is issued - there aren't many legal grounds left to keep those so called "women that are biologically men" out of women's dressing rooms (and vice-versa). Unless the silent majority wakes up and realizes it's time to put an end to this nonsense called "political correctness".

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