Friday, December 28, 2007

The Herodians Of Our Age

St. Dunstan’s church in Fredericton wasn't the only one in Canada, where a diocesan Mass was held, commemorating the Holy Innocents - the babies that were killed just because some adults had found their lives unworthy of living.

Back in those days Herod believed that slaughtering all the baby boys in Bethlehem would be an easy way to get rid of a potential claimant to the throne. Nowadays it's believed that taking away life of an unborn baby is an "easy way out" of an "unwanted" pregnancy. And instead of Herod we have the Morguentaller, a man who runs most abortion clinics across Canada and who is proud of having performed 70,000 to 100,000 abortions throughout his career.

Probably, the only difference between Herod and the Morguentaller is that Herod ordered an indiscriminate slaughter of all the newborn boys in Bethlehem, while Morguentaller's abortion franchise takes away babies' lives at request of their mothers or other family members who often pressure women to have an abortion.

And, of course, Morguentaller's abortuaries slaughter babies at an earlier stage of their lives - before the babies have their first breath and therefore before their personhood is recognized by the law. But the fact is - lives are being lost. Canada loses over 100,000 babies to abortion, year after year. Herodians of our age outperform the king known as Herod the Great hundred- or thousandfold.

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Leonard said...

"Let us remember to invoke the name of the Holy Family in our struggles against the Herodians of our age.

Most Holy Family, Intercede for us!"

(John Pacheco)