Tuesday, January 15, 2008

De-Fund The HRC In 50 Words Or Less

If you want the government to stop bankrolling CHRC, SOW and other special interest groups, you have the opportunity to communicate your opinion to the Department of Finance through online pre-budget consultations.

First the website suggests you to select your priorities - with an option to select "other priorities" as well. Then on the next page, they give you the opportunity to comment on your priorities. Your comments bust not exceed 50 words.

Here's my submission on the "other" priority:
There should be no further funding to CHRC and its provincial counterparts, which operate as extrajudiciary tribunals, denying the defendants their freedom of speech and their right to fair trial.

Those commissions are being used exclusively by radical special interest groups to silence their opponents at taxpayers' expense.
You can also e-mail Jim Flaherty and outline your arguments against funding the HRC in more details.
The page says that there were 8000 responses last year. If 1000 people write to say that the Canadian Human Rights Commission should be abolished, they cannot ignore that point.

I feel giving input on a pre-budget consultation is even more effective than writing an MP. MP’s can’t necessarily do anything about the CHRC, but the Finance Minister sure can.
How about making it more than a thousand? How about having every second survey urging the government to stop using our tax money to fund organizations which take away our rights and freedoms? I think we can do it, can't we?

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