Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ezra Levant vs Freedom-Snatching Committee: Part 2

Ezra Levant: It is not I who am on trial: it is the freedom of all Canadians - continued.
All 8 parts are also available at the SoCon or Bust blog.

PART 5 - YOU’RE ENTITLED TO YOUR OPINIONS - …provided you pay our fine:

How ironic that something calling itself the “human rights commission” is the one corroding those rights.

PART 6 - THE LIMITS OF FREE SPEECH - time for an education in freedom:

I put it to you that unbridled political speech is not just allowed but it is the antidote, the prophylactic, against violence...
Only a fool would think that censoring and gaging someone is equivalent of changing their mind ... I’ll rot in hell before I use my mouth to say that fascist’s words with you as his instrument to compel me to do so.

PART 7 - VIOLATING THEIR OWN POLICIES - but they do acquit from time to time, slave!

Ezra: I read the Boisson decision and there was no proven link between what he said and any act of discrimination, but they found him to be in violation and what you're saying it's [even untrue].
InTerrogator: That was Ms. Andreachuk.
Ezra: That’s the human rights commission. It wasn’t Ms. Andreachuk. She wasn’t speaking for herself. She was speaking with the hammer of the State.

PART 8 - CLOSING COMMENTS - It is my hope that this matter is not dismissed.

I hope that you recommend that we go to a hearing and I hope we're convicted and I hope this goes higher off to a court and will cause enough of a political schandal...

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