Saturday, January 5, 2008

If Unrestricted Abortion Really Was A Right

...Then why would late-term abortions be reported as stillbirths?
If an intrauterine fetal death occurs greater than 20 weeks and is induced it is coded as a stillbirth. It is useful to have a field on the computer which helps to classify post 20 week events, e.g., stillbirth – termination, live birth – termination. This is to provide a clearer picture whether a temporal trend is due to treatment, e.g., folic acid fortification, natural temporal trends or unnatural ones, e.g., terminations.

And another thing:
Some human rights organizations in the US find that using potassium chloride for lethal injections is too painful for the convicts. So they challenge the constitutionality of lethal injections in the Supreme Court. But what about the unborn babies, that are often given the same lethal injection yet without anesthetic?! If killing a convicted murder using potassium chloride is cruel, then using the same potassium chloride to take away life of a baby, just weeks before baby's first breath is at the very least barbaric.

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