Sunday, January 6, 2008

Silent No More Women: Time To Break The Silence!

The mainstream media refers to them as "women who turn their backs to choice". The fact is - those are the women who had made that "choice". They were misled and traumatized by the abortion industry - and they are Silent No More.
January 28th, 2008 marks the 20 year anniversary when the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the abortion law in Canada, giving us NO law or restrictions on abortions. As you can see in the articles below, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a Jewish immigrant who survived Dachau and Aushwitz came to Canada and began to break the laws, to change the laws in order for him and others to legally abort Canadian babies without question.

He runs the most abortion clinics across Canada and has done over 70,000 abortions with his own hands.

Already, several newspapers are heralding him a hero for women’s rights and feature columns in the Sun chain newspapers hail this 20th anniversary as a victory for women. Sadly, we know the truth that abortion killed our children, and hurt us deeply. Most of us were lied to, and decieved about the fetal development and were told it was a “safe” procedure. However, many women aborted the only child or children they could ever have! Some of us have suffered irreparable damage to our cervix, uterus and reproductive health. Most of us have suffered the great anguish, guilt, remorse and regret of this diabolical procedure.

And it is TIME to BREAK the SILENCE!
Stand with us on JANUARY 24th, 2008 at 10:AM in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, in Ottawa, Ontario and mourn with us for the hundreds of thousands of babies murdered in our land, almost 3 million. Please dress in BLACK to represent the deaths of these children and ours. Please prepare to give a 3 minute impact statement on how you were affected by your abortion(s), if you are not ready to speak publicly, thats okay, but please stand with us, pray for the others who will speak.

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