Sunday, January 20, 2008

Liberal Spammers Show Complete Lack Of Conscience

Several families were surprised to find a rather unusual item attached to their Universal Child Care Benefit checks. Those were pamphlets from a political party that actually opposes the UCCB, proposing McDaycare brainwashing centres for children as an alternative. I'm talking about the Liberal party of course.

As you probably know, their party is cash-strapped. Not only they have a hard time raising funds (only $2.9M during the first three quarters of 2007, compared to $12.1M raised by the Conservatives), but they still have some unpaid loans left from the past election and from their recent leadership campaign. No wonder the Liberals have to look for cheaper ways to advertise.

But apparently the CBC volunteers, feeding tricky questions to Liberal MPs and bloggers posting mock "I'm a Liberal and I'm a PC" ads on YouTube, just aren't enough to get the Liberal message out. So some of their supporters decided to attach Liberal pamphlets to the Universal Child Care Benefit checks which the government mails out each month.

Most likely this wasn't a move authorized by Stephane Dion and I understand that. But that still shows the mindset of some Liberal supporters, who chose the most dishonest form of mass mailing, trying to make their pamphlets look like information brochures, that are routinely mailed out by the CRA along with the benefit checks and tax refunds.

The fact that they couldn't think of a better way to get their message out shows that some Liberals start feeling desperate. And the fact that Liberal spammers chose to attach their paper trash to a benefit the Liberal party opposes demonstrates their complete lack of conscience.

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