Monday, January 21, 2008

What Kind Of A "Choice" Is That?

This message was forwarded to me yesterday evening.
From: Rosemary Connell
Date: Jan 20, 2008 12:13 PM
Subject: Urgent prayer request

Please pray for a fifteen year old mother of a pre-born baby whose parents have booked an abortion for her this Tuesday. She is 4½ months pregnant and just told her parents on Friday. They booked the abortion the same day! She and the baby's father do not want to have an abortion. The girl's mother says she does not want the abortion either. The baby's grandfather is worried about the family's reputation in the family and community. He also thinks giving birth may harm their young daughter.

The family has agreed to meet with me to look at information that the doctor did not give them and maybe cancel the abortion. Please pray for me and for the family that they will make the right decision for their daughter and let their grandchild live.
So what kind of a choice is that? One would think that if nobody (not even the baby's father) has the right to challenge woman's decision to have an abortion, then at the very least, the same rules should apply when the woman wants to keep the baby. That however doesn't happen.

According to Planned Parenthood's own statistics, 90% of the women who turn to abortion, are pressured to do so by a partner, a family member or a physician. In some cases, even screaming "stop" won't help if someone else had already decided that the woman would be better off without the baby. So what happens to the "choice"? To "stay away from my body"? How come none of that applies when a woman wants her baby to live?

Let's look at it again: the girl wants to keep the baby. The girl's mother wants to keep the baby. The baby's father too wants the baby to live. Only the girl's father doesn't want his daughter to have a child, but somehow his decision prevails over the girl's desire to keep her baby.

And look how quick he is to act: the moment he'd found out his daughter is pregnant, he booked the next available appointment at the Morguentaller's abortuary. No counseling, no ultrasound, nothing. Just call in and get the baby aborted on the next business day; if the abortuary operated Monday to Friday, the baby would probably be ripped to pieces by now.

But why? The girl's father views the baby as a threat to the family's reputation. Apparently he thinks that he can force his daughter into an abortion clinic, have his own grandchild to be put to death - and still remain a respected man.

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