Friday, January 11, 2008

Mr. Harper, Please Use Your Pen!

There is no place in a free society for state-run organizations such as the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its provincial counterparts. There is no place in a free society for any organization designed to punish those who haven’t broken the law. And there is no place in a free society for tribunals where the truth is not considered to be a defense, where all trials end in convictions, and where all the expenses fall to the accused.

Such is the state of our freedom in Canada today. It need not remain so.

You have the power to put an abrupt end to this, Mr. Prime Minister. These organizations were created and nurtured with a stroke of a pen by your predecessors and they can be abolished in the same manner by you. Entire ministries have come and gone at the stroke of the prime ministerial pen.

Today the nation needs its leader to wield his pen. Today Canadians need the kind of leadership that will keep us a free and prosperous people.

Lead us in this, Mr. Harper, the country will follow you.

Please use your pen.
(Source: Free Dominion)
Back in late 1990s Harper spoke up against those freedom-snatching committees with Orwellian name. But in his two years in power he didn't even use the chance to balance out the radical left 'Commissars' when appointing replacement members to CHRC, let alone dismissing the most radical members or nixing the extrajudiciary tribunal altogether.
Under his watch, both the Chief and Deputy Commissioners were appointed. You can read about the bios of these two individuals here. What words comes to mind here? How about “unelected activist lawyers”? Does that work for you? Not exactly a great inspiration for conservatives, is it?
As the polls keep showing the Conservatives just a few points ahead of the Liberals (and - quite far away from majority territory), we see the Conservative party trying to appease the left-of-center voters by boosting spendings and holding back (or considerably slowing down) the Conservative policies.

Why wouldn't Harper take a leadership role and instead of appeasing the lefties, try approaching the small-c Conservatives that didn't vote in the past election? We need a strong Conservative platform to convince them that they lose much more than they think by staying at home on election day.

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