Thursday, January 10, 2008

German Homeschoolers Flee The Country

They've seen what happened to Melissa Busekros. They are aware of the ordeal of several other homeschooling families and they don't want this to themselves and their children. So they flee their home country.
LONDON, January 9, 2008 ( - A German family has fled to safe haven in the United Kingdom after the mayor of their town attempted to have their children seized and put into state custody for the crime of homeschooling according to WorldNetDaily (WND).
Joel Thornton, President of the International Human Rights Group, which advocate for homeschoolers in Germany, told that the report from Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit is troubling since, "German government officials are willing to violate their own procedures to take the custody of children from the parents for nothing more than homeschooling. Were there criminal activity going on that was being avoided it would be understandable, however the system would probably not be so quick to act."
WND reports that this week a Bavarian man identifying himself as "Mathew" sent this message: "This morning we received a call from the German ministry of education. Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning they will send the police to our home and take Josia (6), Lou Ann (10) and Aileen (13) by force, to the public school."

According to "Matthew," the government was emboldened by the high court's decision, and since then it has increased substantially its persecution of homeschooling families.
Another family said they were escaping Germany after their lawyer concluded that "only jail and loss of custody are left" as penalties from the government.
German laws against homeschooling were brought in by the Nazis in 1938 to ensure no child escapes their control and indoctrination. The Nazi regime is long gone, but the laws are still on the books. And as it turns out, today's German government doesn't see anything wrong with using those anti-homeschooling laws to spoon-feed their own agenda to public school children.

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This is pathetic, They need to teach your child to be a homosexual.