Thursday, January 10, 2008

Traditional Values - A Path Towards Happiness

Believe it or not, but that's what the new Gallup poll shows. It turns out that married Church-going Republicans are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their lives, compared to unmarried secular Democrats. The gap gets even bigger among those who are very satisfied with their lives.
  • 88% of married people are satisfied with their lives, versus 78% of unmarried folks.
    (-- 65% ”Very Satisfied” versus 45% ”Very Satisfied”.)
  • 90% of Republicans are satisfied, versus 82% of Democrats.
    (-- 66% ”Very Satisfied” versus 53% ”Very Satisfied”.)
  • 88% of weekly church-goers are satisfied, versus 82% who seldom or never attend church
    (-- 66% ”Very Satisfied” versus 51% ”Very Satisfied”.)
The breakdown on personal happiness is quite similar. Married people that are very happy with their lives outnumber unmarried folks 59% to 41%. Very happy Republicans outnumber Democrats and Independents 61% to 47%. And among those attending church regularly, 62% are very happy, compared to 45-50% of those who never or seldom attend church.

Looks like traditional values help people to better manage their lives and to find guidance in the time of hardship. Sure, traditional values are not guaranteed to make your life perfect. But as it turns out adhering to traditional values puts you on a path towards happiness and satisfaction with your life.

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