Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Before You Say That "Most Pro-Lifers Are Men"

As the National post summarized the readers' input on the series of articles dedicated to the anniversary of the Morguentaller's decision, the major argument from the pro-abortion side appeared to be as follows:
Ms. Toeman closed her letter with an observation made by many other letter writers: "Is it just me or does anyone else notice that most anti-abortionists are men, seeking once again to control women and their bodies. This discussion would never take place if men were having babies."
That's one of poor-choirces' most popular arguments. One feminist blogger even posted a picture showing five grim-faced middle-aged men with a caption saying "77% of the anti-abortion leaders are men, 100% of them will never get pregnant".

Suzanne has already published a rebuttal to that nonsense, naming over a dozen of pro-life leaders that are women, just off the top of her head. Among those named: Joanne Byfield (of LifeCanada), Gwen Landolt (of REAL Women of Canada), Stephanie Grey (of Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform), Andrea Mrozek (of Pro Woman Pro Life) and many others.

This is by no means a complete list, so I could add a few more names that weren't there, such as Denise Mountenay (of Silent No More) or Susanne Leger (of the New Brunswick Right To Life). Also it's worth reminding that organizations such as Silent No More or the REAL Women of Canada are 100% women organizations. Moreover, as the public opinion poll shows, there are more women supporting legislation that would partially restore personhood of the unborn, than men. So let's leave the "most pro-lifers are men" to poor-choicers' conscience, if they have any.

Finally, no matter how many pro-lifers are men - 100% of the pro-abortion crowd have already been born. None of them will ever be put to death for the sake of someone else's personal convenience. Let them remember that every time they refer to destroying a baby as "choice".

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