Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"No Apologies" Media Revolution - Let's Make Another Step Forward

About a year ago I published this essay, calling on the individual bloggers to unite into a publishing team that would produce a Social Conservative Daily newspaper. A recent article at "No Apologies", titled "The Desperate Need for the 'No Apologies' Media Revolution", confirms that most of what I said then is still relevant now.

"No Apologies" which moved from weekly to daily newscasts is a great start. But we need more than that to get the message out. We need more people and these people must work together. When a single blogger publishes an article on his blog, it won't be noticed by many; if we try to maximize the exposure, we end up with plenty of bloggers all reposting the same article. What we need is a single media portal where people could come in search of high-quality articles and where each article would be read by tens of thousands, rather than by just a few dozens. I believe that "No Apologies" could eventually become just that.

Currently "No Apologies" offers daily newscasts to which an editorial or a guest column is often added. Next step should be bringing more columnists on board. We have some small pro-life monthly newsletters (including The Interim). We have quite a few Social Conservatives bloggers that go beyond just quoting and commenting, each publishing at least a couple of their own articles every week. Let's get the best of them on the "No Apologies" team and let's start working together rather than just reposting the same thing over and over, effectively preaching to the choir in our online ghetto.

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marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Hi Leonard I have a life category, but some don't like the pics.

They, or you are welcome to use any you like.

An aggregator could be good too.