Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So What If Men Don't Get Pregnant?

Pro-abortionists claim that since men never get pregnant, they shouldn't be speaking against abortions.

Sure, men never get pregnant. But it doesn't look like any pro-abortion man have ever had an abortion, or is going to have one in the future. Yet somehow, it doesn't preclude pro-abortion boyfriends and husbands from pressuring their partners to have an abortion. And somehow, the poor-choicers are ok with that. As well as they are ok not only with men performing the procedure, but also with abortion providers lying to women as they try to disguise abortion as a "five-minute operation" that would "give her back her life" (sic!).

Moreover, when pro-abortion men dare to ridicule women who fell for their lies and who ended up traumatized physically and emotionally, that too doesn't meet any opposition from the Status of Women and other organizations that are supposed to represent all Canadian women, not just radical feminists.

Under existing laws a father has no say on the fate of his baby. Do you think a father who has no choice but to watch his unborn baby being put to death has no feelings? Abortion is one of the major risk factors to breast cancer. Why do you think someone who lost a family member to breast cancer, because nobody bothered to inform her of the possible side effects of abortion, should have no say on how "safe" those legal abortions are?

Unless one believes in some miraculous transformation at the point of delivery, it's not that difficult to see the cruelty and injustice of the abortion. Abortion doesn't make the woman "unpregnant". It makes her a mother of a dead baby. Yet the Globe And Mail columnist Andre Picard (guess who) suggests that Morguentaler's "monumental battle" to exterminate a quarter of the young generation is "worthy of Order of Canada".

So if it's ok for men who never have abortions to praise the unchoice; if it's ok for grown-ups who'll never be aborted to claim that the unborn baby's life isn't worthy of living - then not only it's our right - it's a duty of every decent man to speak up against abortions, protecting women from this injurious procedure and defending the babies who can't defend themselves.

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