Thursday, February 14, 2008

Free Speech Rally

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Never before in our nation's history have the civil liberties of Canadians been under such an assault as they are today.

Every day that we continue to live under the tyranny of the Human Rights Commissions and the other soft totalitarian organs of illiberal regimes is another day where the cost of removing their yoke will be that much higher - either for us, for our children, or for our

Canadians have never been much of a political or contentious people. We'd prefer to compromise and get along than to raise too much flak. That's just our nature.

Like any people, however, we have our limits. But unless we channel our frustration into real action and start to push back against the strong fascist elements currently assailing our country, the soft totalitarians of today will be the hard ones tomorrow.

Don't look to the next guy to do something about it. That's the approach that got us in this mess in the first place - people passing the buck instead of picking it up.

It's YOUR responsibility to stand up NOW and be counted. Because if you don't stand up now and do something, write something, or say something, the cost of recapturing our precious and eroded freedoms in the future will take more than just a pen.

And one more thing...this Rally is not just a "one-off". Our opponents are not going away so you can't either. The key here is VIGILANCE and TENACITY. Because if you don't have these traits or learn them quickly, you can kiss away our freedoms right now.

You know that line in our national anthem that says "Glorious, Strong, and Free"? It will be nothing more than a quaint punch line of a once free and proud people unless you do something to protect it and KEEP protecting it.

So if you please, sign below and indicate your endorsement AND participation in the rally.

Because, just like the song says we're supposed to do: "We stand on guard for thee."

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Visit the Free Speech Rally Website here:

John Pacheco
Social Conservatives United

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