Friday, February 15, 2008

Liberals Need Taxpayers' Money For Vote Buying

Dion has already suggested that if elected Liberals may consider "revisiting" the GST cut. Now his party is trying to prevent the Conservatives from allocating the surplus for debt repayment - even though the measure will reduce the federal debt by $10B, providing about $750M in annual savings for the taxpayers.
One of the reasons St├ęphane Dion is so gung-ho about bringing down the government over the budget is said to be that he wants to get his hands on the $10-billion the government has allocated for debt repayment this year.

With the federal coffers running dry, Liberals say they need that money if they are going to be able to fund expensive social programs such a national daycare initiative, climate change measures and the Kelowna Accord on aboriginal development.
That's even worse than tax and spend - that's tax and waste. Keep the debt higher, overtax the people and waste the money on climate change scams, on McDaycare (with no opt-out credit for parents), on handouts to special interest groups - you name it...

Back in 1970s Trudeau's mismanagement and reckless spendings brought in the runaway public debt. Nowadays Trudeau's successors look forward to replace the tax cuts and debt-reducing measures brought forward by the Conservative government with yet another round of a Liberal tax and waste frenzy.

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