Saturday, February 16, 2008

Increasing Infertility Rates May be Linked to IVF - British Medical Journal

Those that don't care about all the embryos (practically - unborn babies at their earliest stages of development) that are being destroyed in the process, have something else to think about:
England, February 15, 2008 ( - An editorial in the most recent issue of the influential British Medical Journal (BMJ) highlights the increasing global problem of infertility, and speculates that there may be a possible link to IVF.

According to authors Drs. Jens Bonde and Jorn Olsen, at present approximately 15% of couples who try to conceive are affected by infertility. The consequence of this has been that "up to 6% of children are conceived through assisted reproductive techniques."
Once again - the Catholic Church opposes IVF for a reason. For plenty of reasons, to be precise.

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