Monday, February 18, 2008

Bees Or Cockroaches?

When the Conservatives are urged to compromise on their views, the saying "you'll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar" is often used. Tristan Emmanuel has a great rebuttal to it - militant secularists aren't exactly the social equivalent of a bee.
What has been the result of secular-liberal contributions to Western Civilization since the 1960s?

We live in a society where sin is celebrated, and virtue is mocked. A society where there is a total moral and legal vacuum on the abortion issue. We have a school system where teen sex magazines have been introduced as a "hip" way to teach biology, and where "gay-friendly" books are now required to be stocked in kindergarten libraries. These things, and all of the other social trash and bile we see day in and day out, are what "being nice" has gotten us.

These secularists, like the cockroaches, seem to thrive on filth, and our "niceness" has ensured we've got an infestation of muck on our cultural hands that won't come off easily. But we can't sit by and naively believe that a continent that parallels the moral slide of ancient Rome - and celebrates this cultural decline under the guise of "diversity" - will be free of history's way of exterminating unwanted infestations.

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