Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Laws Protect Unborn Fawns But Not Unborn Babies

...conservation officers are reportedly "emotional" after having discovered three men in British Columbia who were hunting pregnant deer.

The three have pleaded guilty to violating the Wildlife Act after having shot two female deer, one of whom was found to have been pregnant with two fawns. The men have been charged with four counts against the Act, two for killing the two adult females and two more for the unborn fawns.
Fawns are not persons, but the law still protects them. Babies' personality starts forming months before birth, but not only the law doesn't recognize them as persons, it denies them even the very minimum protection the animals have under Canadian law. Unlike the poachers that were charged separately for each unborn fawn they killed, a thug who stabbed Charlene Knapp in the stomach 15 times with a sword could only be charged for injuring the woman, but not for killing her unborn son.

Because in the eyes of the radical pro-abortionists Charlene had no son. And unfortunately that's the way the law sees it here in Canada. It's time to end the discrimination. Support the Unborn Victims Of Crime Act!

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