Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Richard Warman And Canada's Phony-Racism Industry

Update: This post had to be edited following a DMCA complaint. The quote from the National Post article had to be removed due to copyright issues. Those 4 paragraphs discussed Canada's phony racism industry and in particular - the provocative posting against Canada's first black Senator Anne Cools.

The actual article, originally posted in the "Full comment" section of the National Post website, was taken down few hours after it had been published. As it turns out, Jonathan Kay didn't feel comfortable citing Bernard Klatt's affidavit as a source after getting some background information about him. But even if the expert does hold some extremist views, I don't believe that disqualifies his expertise and I don't think it justifies letting a free speech basher like Warman off the hook.

PC thugs don't like publicity. The more light we shed on their dirty tricks, the less comfortable they feel. Let's not let the article vanish. Let's give the phony racism industry all the publicity it takes to drive PC thugs & Co Unlimited out of business.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Well the Post has just printed a retraction to the Kay column.

Leonard said...


Well, if the Post backs down - we need to increase our efforts, getting the message out, exposing their thuggery and provocations.

ftcnet said...

Hi Leonard,
You write "But I don't believe that experts' extremists views justify letting a free speech basher like Warman off the hook."

Just what 'extremist views' have I expressed that you are aware of?

Your answer would be of considerable interest to me. Thanks,

--Bernard Klatt

Leonard said...

My sources are the statement on Ezra Levant website where Jonathan Kay explains why he doesn't feel comfortable citing your affidavit as well as this Wikipedia article which mentions you as an organizer of a meeting that featured Doug Collins, Doug Christie, Eileen Pressler and Paul Fromm as guest speakers.

So while I'm unaware of any extremist views you've expressed, it's reasonable to assume that you may share some of the views that above mentioned people hold.

Still, as I meant to say in my blog post, whatever views you may have - none of that in my opinion disqualifies you as a technical expert. Neither does it justify keeping Warman's dirty tricks under wraps.

Leonard said...

Looks like something went wrong with the Digg database, so the "digg" header got misplaced to another previously "dugg" posting. I've e-mailed Digg website, asking them to correct the error - hopefully they fix that soon.