Friday, February 22, 2008

Yes They Are The Architects Destruction

Chimera blogger suggests a new direction for the pro-abortion movement:
Why do we not breed ourselves the same way farmers breed crops and ranchers breed animals? We have the capability to do it that way. So why don't we?

We breed plants and animals to be stronger and more disease resistant, so why do we insist that genetically flawed and fragile humans should not only live beyond their natural abilities, but also that they be allowed to pollute the already flawed gene pool by breeding their weaknesses right back into it?
In conclusion Chimera claims that those who oppose abortions are "determined to wipe humans off the face of the earth entirely". Why? Because Chimera believes fetal rights are to benefit those "genetically flawed". That's why the blog post is titled "pro choice is pro life". (Sounds quite Orwellian doesn't it?)

But the fact is that about 98% of abortions are performed with no medical reasons whatsoever. Thus, even if we leave out the ethical aspect of singling out and exterminating those "genetically flawed", it turns out that Chimera & Co would rather have 98 perfectly healthy babies destroyed before they get a chance to see daylight, just to prevent a couple of "genetically flawed" babies from "polluting" the gene pool.

But there's no way the ethical questions could be avoided. Apart from such obvious question as who's going to determine which baby is ok and which one is "genetically flawed", there's also a question of where do we stop? If killing a disabled unborn is acceptable, why not killing a disabled child? If the pro-death crowd believes that people should be bred like animals or crops - what can stop them from shooting an elderly or a handicapped, just the way a cowboy in the movie shots a wounded horse?

Legal abortion (unrestricted since 1988) has already cost Canada about 3 million lives. That's nearly 10% of Canada's population. Atlantic Canada already faces a severe demographic crisis, that threatens to devastate the Maritimes financially, eventually depopulating the region. Canadian population is aging and you know what usually comes after aging... But a radical pro-abortionist like Chimera still has the audacity to claim that it's the pro-lifers who are determined to wipe humans off the face of the earth...

Chimera quotes Herbert Wells, suggesting that "we are the architects of our own destruction". If by saying "we" Chimera refers to himself and other poor-choicers, then I can't agree more. Abortion supporters are the architects of their own destruction. Too bad they drag others down with them.

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marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Chimera the same guy who thinks break and enters should be a death penalty?

What you have in your temporary possession are my athames. And with that, you’ve sealed your own death.

Let me clue you in, you miserable pieces of shit. I am not a nice, polite, “an-it-harm-none” type Wiccan. I am a thoroughly-versed-in-the-arts, well-practiced, “know-what-ye-do” type Witch. Those blades are tuned to me, and right now, they’re planning how best to go about initiating the process of your earthy demise.

There is no pardon. I suggest you make whatever final arrangement you can, and soon. Karma can be a bitch, but she’s a playful puppy compared to that which hunts you now.

With deadly sincerity


He is warped. Plus if were to act like farmers one stud is kept alive and the rest of the males sold as tender hamburgers. Or they can just use sperm donation.

Anyway him and his homosexuality weeds in the garden as it were should not be looking to replicate farmers.

And it is a problem in farming where if everyone likes one type of wheat or one type of Cow, any virus that might not have doomed the lot if we had diversity is suddenly a deadly threat IE dutch elm disease.

Ie, maybe the tower of babel was right.