Monday, March 31, 2008

Bloc MP: Multiculturalism Shouldn't Apply In Quebec

A private member bill that would exempt Quebec from the Federal multiculturalism policiy was introduced by Pierre Paquette, Bloc MP for Joliette, several weeks ago.
AND WHEREAS Quebeckers form a nation and must therefore possess all the tools needed to define their identity and protect their common values, particularly as regards the protection of the French language, the separation of church and state, and gender equality;
The Government of Canada’s multiculturalism policy does not apply in Quebec.
Bill C-505 has been placed in the order of precedence and, since the House Committee found no reason to declare it a "non-votable" item, it's going to be debated and voted on within weeks. The precedent is already there - if Canada's First Nations are exempt from the multi-cult policies, why can't the same rule apply to Canada's "second nation"?

Not sure what the chances are for the bill to pass, but I sure hope it becomes law one day or another to establish broader legal precedent for all Canadians. If it's possible for one province to be exempted from the multicultural policy imposed by the feds - there's no reason why the remaining 9 provinces can't follow suit. And if Quebec, as a nation within united Canada, has a right to renounce the multi-cult, the same right should be available for Canada - a sovereign nation.

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