Monday, March 31, 2008

Tolerate It... Or Else!

A great essay by Tristan Emmanuel, exposing the Liberal misuse of the word "tolerance".
But forget about the way the word sounds when rappers use it and think about the way it is used by liberals. In their world, tolerance is used to justify virtually every kind of degenerate behavior you can imagine, the kind of behavior four-letter words customarily describe.

If a man wants to "marry" another man, tolerate it!

If a woman wants to "abort" an inconvenient pregnancy, tolerate it!

If homosexual activists want "access" to kids at our schools, tolerate it!

Accept it.

Celebrate it.

Tolerate it.

That is, tolerate it … or else!

That is how liberals use the word today.

It wasn't always like this.
Somehow the Liberal understanding of tolerance is not "to discreetly accept with conditions" but to endorse their point of view or shut up. And if you refuse - then don't be surprised when CHRC goons come after you.

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