Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Cadscam" - A Lame Scandal

Diane Francis, a columnist for the National Post says that without wasting too much time investigating the $1M life insurance policy myth:
But it’s a lame scandal and won’t go anywhere because the allegation is made by an author and the widow of a man who, on the record, said no bribe was offered. Then he died. Then the book was published. It’s all second-hand. End of story.
As simple as that.

Now, as I've heard, we also have Chuck Cadman's daughter spreading the rumors about Mr. Cadman's deathbed admission about the alleged $1-million life insurance policy offer. The question then - where was she during the 2006 election campaign when scandal-plagued Liberals were hammered by the opposition parties? How come neither her nor Mr Cadman's widow used the opportunity to let the public know that Conservatives aren't any better? (If of course what they say now has anything to do with the truth.)

And that's just one of the few questions. Charles Adler has 22 of them.
4) Why would a man tell one story on the public and private record to a journalist and another to his wife and daughter?
7) If Cadman was angry at the Tories, could it be because their final offer, quite understandably, insulted him?

8) If the final offer was precisely what the Tories and what Chuck Cadman publicly said it was — an uncontested nomination and campaign expenses — wouldn't any of us be insulted?
Of course it shows that Stephen Harper had picked the wrong men to persuade Mr. Cadman. Obviously, those men weren't great negotiators. But they weren't crooks either.

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