Saturday, March 1, 2008

Got Some Spare Cash For Perverts?

Young Liberals of Nova Scotia believe you do; and if you don't - then you better get some, cause they want your tax dollars to go towards funding sex-change surgeries. And of course, the quasi-judicial "human rights" tribunals are way ahead of them.
Provincial funding for sex-change operations will be one of the topics discussed at this weekend's Young Liberals annual meeting in Halifax.

Resolution 11 says transsexualism is a congenital birth condition where there is a mismatch between the physical outward appearance of a person's gender and his or her inner perception.

"Other congenital birth conditions, such as limb malformation, heart and nervous system defects and genetic disorders such as a predisposition to a heart attack or heart disease, are currently covered under the Nova Scotia health-care system," so tax dollars should be used for "gender reassignment surgery for transsexual individuals, along with pre- and post-surgery care and counseling," says the resolution.
In British Columbia, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled the health services ministry had to pay $30,000 for previous operations done in California on a woman wishing to change her gender, plus another $93,028 to complete the gender-reassignment surgery.
And then they bash the tax-free savings account proposal, arguing that an average middle-class Canadian has no money to put aside. Of course we have little or no money left for savings, since a huge chunk of our tax dollars is already being wasted on funding special interest groups. But that's surely not enough wasteful spendings for the Nova Scotia Young Liberals.

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