Friday, March 14, 2008

Fixing Healthcare, Anyone?

Our opponents tend to denounce Social Conservative position as "single issue". Real politician, they say, should be addressing a broader range of issues, such as healthcare, education, taxes - instead of just dealing with moral questions... Well, here's a healthcare issue:
ATLANTA, GA, March 13, 2008 ( - Twenty six percent of US teenage girls have contracted at least one of the four major sexually transmitted diseases, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Tuesday. The CDCP estimates that 3.2 million US teen girls have an STD.

The study examined the sexual behavior of 838 teenage girls, half of whom admitted to having sex during their teen years. Of that half, 40 percent had contracted an STD.
Sure those are US stats, but even if the situation in Canada is half as bad - how are the fellow "fis-cons" and anyone to the left of them going to address it? I bet you dollars to timbits, none of them will address the root of the problem. No one will bother to notice that contraception-based approach taught in 75% of U.S. schools is failing young people. They'll try to fight the symptoms instead, recommending mandatory vaccinations for elementary school girls - as it's already done in some provinces. That's the "progressives'" approach to healthcare.

And where will they get the money for vaccinations? It doesn't look like our healthcare is awash with cash, does it? A "Fis-Con" would suggest cutting corners here and there or "sharing the cost with the consumer" - which means user fees. A Liberal would recommend monthly premiums - similar to the ones implemented by Dalton McGuinty in Ontario, which were also proposed by the Romanow report on a Federal level. Dippers' approach - raise the income tax for anyone who earns just enough to make ends meet.

Will any of them ever bother to notice that this expense is in fact obsolete? That if our children were taught the right values, there would be no need to vaccinate each and every school girl, before those girls may choose to try some of the stuff they learn in their "sex ed" class? Forget it! "Progressive" ideology is non-negotiable, no matter what it costs the taxpayers. That's the "progressives'" approach to taxes.

Education, anyone? Does anyone truly believe, education could be fixed with extra cash infusions, if we keep teaching our children something that fails them? Crime, anyone? Do you think we could tackle youth crime if we teach our youngsters that they can't control their desires, so they shouldn't even bother trying? Economy? Business taxes? Money for infrastructure spending? Can we really hope for an improvement in those areas if we keep wasting tens of billions on expenses that result from nothing but the secular fundamentalist values, which the "progressives" keep forcing on our society?

So you see, paying attention to moral issues doesn't make one a "single-issue" politician. It makes him aware of the core issue that affects all other others - including such prioritized issues as healthcare, education and taxes.

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