Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pro-Family Victory - Despite The Media Silence

Ford Motor Company conceded defeat. After nearly a three-year long boycott by the American Family Association, the company decided to end its support for homosexual political causes and publications.

I recall a letter, sent by one of Ford's executives to a concerned customer, that was published on a pro-family website back in mid-2005. It read something like "buy your Hondas you bigot, we've got enough open-minded customers that support our stand for diversity, so we don't need any business from hate-mongers like you and your friends..." Well, time has proven them wrong:
The boycott quickly gathered steam. Hundreds of thousands of people signed the pledge, and millions of AFA members received the organization's lurid reports on Ford's sponsorship of publications promoting sodomy and other perversions. Many other pro-family organizations endorsed the boycott as well.

Shortly after the boycott began, Ford's sales plummeted, and the company lost money almost every single month thereafter. Ford's continual slump was the subject of much discussion. Analysts began to wonder if it could survive.

However, if you didn't know the AFA campaign was occurring, you are probably not alone. As far as the mainstream media was concerned, it wasn't happening either. Despite the fact of the massive boycott, and despite the fact that Ford was losing billions of dollars annually, the mainstream media almost never mentioned it.
That's obviously not the only time the mainstream media proves itself irrelevant. In fact, as the new survey says nearly 70 percent of Americans believe traditional journalism is out of touch, and nearly half are turning to the Internet to get their news. For now, most of mainstream media outlets still believe they can do just fine maintaining the status quo. Gladly their monopoly is on the way out.

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