Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unwanted People Up For Disposal?

R. J. Grigaitis wrote a sarcastic essay titled The Right to Abort Shouldn't End At Birth. Here's one of the examples Mr. Grigaitis brings to ridicule the notion that getting rid of a son or daughter for personal convenience is a "choice":
If a 65 year old man wants to put his 90 year old mother in a nursing home but she wants to stay living in her house, she should have the right to abort him. No lawyers or courts should get involved. The woman should just have to sign a paper, and her son should be killed immediately.
Of course, Mr. Grigaitis is being sarcastic. But unfortunately the situation he described isn't that far from reality. Sure, there's no way a 90 year-old woman could have her 65 year-old son "retroactively aborted". But at the same time, some European countries allow the 65 year-old son to "assist" his 90 year-old mother with committing suicide. In other words - to euthanize her.

What happens currently in Canada is even more appalling. A hospital in Manitoba wants to remove life-sustaining treatment for 84 year-old Samuel Golubchuk, despite his family's objections. So far the judges ordered the treatment to be maintained. But for how long? It's enough to have just one lost appeal; all it takes is just a few more euthanasia supporters on the bench to give the hospital the "go ahead" to put an innocent man to death.

Euthanasia supporters call that a "mercy killing". But it seems like their motivation is purely materialistic. When Samuel Golubchuk was working and paying his income taxes - they needed him as a taxpayer. Now, when he's old and needs care - the hospital management is looking for ways to get rid of him...

It all began with abortion. It began with the notion that there are "unwanted babies" that could be disposed of as a matter of "choice". But if a baby's life could be sacrificed for one's personal convenience - why not sacrificing an elderly or a handicapped? If people have a "choice" to get rid of their baby - they might as well want to get rid of any other family member that becomes too "troublesome" and therefore - "unwanted"...

Mr. Grigaitis said that he was going to use lots of sarcasm in his essay. But unless our society upholds the right to life for every human being, from conception to natural death, Mr. Grigaitis' essay may become a terrible reality.

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