Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Knew That Radical Pro-Aborts Despise Motherhood

It's not like they're really trying to hide that. I just couldn't imagine they'd sink this low:

Bethany, a moderator at Jill Stanek's Blog posted some pictures of her 6 week-old miscarried unborn baby. One Barbra Walters didn't find anything better to do than photoshopping those pictures and sending them back to the baby's mother with hurtful and humiliating comments.

Here are a few examples of a pro-abort's sense of humor:
Enjoy your child. he looks delicious!

Children. They are the future. But not this one LOL

That lovin' rag!!
and of course -
Happy abortion is happy
There's no way this one could be left out. Barbra Walters couldn't make it any clearer - next time think twice before going against the pro-abortion crowd.

But maybe that Barbra Walters is just a lone radical? Not likely. At least you won't find many of her fellow pro-aborts condemning her actions. For them it's nothing but a "photoshop fun" to which they refer as "warped humor". So what if it hurts the baby's mother? Not only they don't care, but they actually believe she deserves that.
The feminists at JJ's blog are just oozing with sensitivity on the issue:

JJ writes:
But it's a tough old world out there -- you want to advocate the curtailment of womens' rights? You get what's coming to you. Resisting *by any means necessary* includes bombardments of warped humour.
Translated from feminazi slang into plain English: if you object their privilege to kill unborn babies, if you refuse to accept their beliefs about an unborn baby being just a "blob of tissue", if you try to raise awareness of a mother's pain, resulting from the loss of her unborn baby, the pro-abort thugs will do anything in their power to get back at you. So photoshopping the pictures of a dead baby and sending those pictures to the baby's mother is obviously not the lowest they can go.

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