Monday, April 14, 2008

Liberal Party of Canada - All About Power?

That's what Arthur Weinreb suggests in his recent Canada Free Press article - "The Liberals – they don't even pretend anymore". Analyzing the Liberal recent voting record (or non-voting record to be precise), Arthur suggest that the Liberals are ready to let go of their party's key priorities just to avoid triggering an election.
The party’s entire reason for being is to gain power and once that is achieved is to hold onto it. If there was any ever doubt about this, that doubt vanished last Wednesday.
After weeks of calling these proposals racist and xenophobic, part of some hidden agenda, they did what the Dion Liberals do best. They sat on their hands and allowed the changes to pass. Harper made these amendments part of the budget implementation bill so its defeat would be a matter of confidence and would have led to the defeat of the government and an election. When it comes to a choice between the Liberals vision of Canada and power, they’ll take power every time. This has been the most blatant case of the Natural Governing Party selling whatever principles they have out in an attempt to gain power. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely and the loss of power corrupts even more.
Now there are speculations that the Liberals may eventually move forward on their opposition to the immigration changes and force an amendment even if it results in an early election. I would say - on one condition: provided that Angus Reid or any other pollster brings in a poll in which the red and the blue trade places. Unless that happens, we'll have the lion share of the Liberal caucus missing their buses, getting trapped in the downtown transitway traffic or finding some other reasons not to show up for vote. Because, just as Arthur Weinreb said, Dion wouldn't want to become the first Liberal leader in over 120 years who never gets to be Prime Minister.

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