Friday, April 11, 2008

Policing The Thought Police?

Looks like the government is finally starting to notice that something is wrong with all those "human rights" commissions. The Federal Privacy Commissioner has launched an investigation into the investigative techniques used in the Mark Lemire case.
Technical records presented at a recent hearing in the Lemire case show that someone using the psuedonym “Jadewarr”, an identity that HRC investigator Dean Steacy has admitted to creating - used an internet connection that was registered to a woman who lived about a block from the HRC office. The woman says she knew nothing about this. Now, office of the Privacy Commissioner admits this could have been a serious breach of privacy.
By the way - that's the same Dean Steacy who once told Lemire's lawyer Barbara Kulaszka that he gives no value to the freedom of speech, because he believes that freedom of speech is an American concept.

Apparently, Mr. Steacy also believes that the right to own property (including internet connection) is also an American concept and so is the one's right to privacy, since he didn't mind using someone else's unprotected wireless network to post provocative messages anonymously. Lemire's lawyer is now demanding that CHRC investigators fully disclose all of the aliases they have used in the course of their investigations.

As the old Roman saying goes - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who's going to watch the watchmen? The investigation launched by the Privacy Commissioner is just the first step. What we need is a full-scale investigation into the laws that gave "human rights" committees the authority to override people's constitutional rights, including property rights and privacy rights, let alone the freedom of speech as well as the right to a fair trial.

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