Saturday, April 12, 2008

Radical Environmentalism, Politics And Double Standards

Barbara Kay's article titled "Hug the Earth, kill the humans" reveals a few facts about the death-friendly cult of environmentalism, which unfortunately has become quite influential nowadays. Yes, believe it or not, radical environmentalism is in fact a pagan cult, based on anti-natalist teachings (Earth is a victim, men are evil-doers and consumption of natural resources is a grave sin), which calls for ~85% reduction in Earth's population - through abortions, sterilizations and other means of ideology induced suicide.

Earth-worshipers have their high priests like Paul Watson, the chief of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, for whom death of a seal is a "greater tragedy" than death of a sailor. And they have their saints like Toni Vernelli, who had herself sterilized so she doesn't bring any of those resource-consuming, carbon-footprinting babies to the world...

...But those are radicals, aren't they? They don't represent the mainstream "green" movement, do they? Well, here's an interesting fact:
Publicly discomfited, Green party leader Elizabeth May resigned from the advisory board of Sea Shepherd, but tellingly ... wouldn't distance herself personally from Paul Watson. As a faithful adherent to their mutual church — Our Gaia of all that is Non-Human — to which she remains fully committed, May elected to stand by Watson for the sake of his "good work."

But what "good work" can compensate for Watson's advocacy of a population-decimating cap of one billion people, or calling human beings "the AIDS of the Earth?"
Hmm... Let's try to project a similar situation to the other side of the political spectrum. Let's try to imagine the leader of a major pro-life organization (one that would have a prominent Conservative MP on its advisory board) saying it plain and clear that deaths of the unborn babies are, in his opinion, a greater tragedy than deaths of the women. What would become of him?

And what would be the fate of that hypothetical high-profile Conservative MP if he only goes as far as resigning from the advisory board - without condemning the organization outright? I bet, the opposition parties and women's groups would be ripping him to pieces, while the media would have its fun going through the Conservatives' possible connections to the far right and the party's alleged "hidden agenda"...

...When will we see the mainstream media discussing the Green Party's hidden agenda?

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