Monday, January 26, 2009

Great Arguments For Those Willing To Listen

Jennifer Fulwiler has came up with a great essay titled "Eight Responses to the Pro-Choice Mindset by Former Atheist/Former Die-Hard Pro-Abortion Woman", in which she gives us suggestions on how to respond to the most common arguments in defense of abortion:
...Our culture has assured abortion supporters that the heartbeat stopped during abortion belongs only to a fetus, a sub-human organism. Terminology is key in the pro-abortion mentality: Dehumanizing words like "fetus" or "clump of cells" or "mass of tissue" allow people to tell themselves that abortion is not the taking of human life.

Encourage abortion supporters to consider that even the youngest zygote meets the biological definition of being alive, contains a unique genetic code that has never existed before and will never exist again, and gets half of its genetic material from each of its parents. At conception, an extraordinary semi-replica of the mother and the father has been created...
That's something the "die-hard pro-aborts" are well aware of. But they believe their personal convenience prevails over unborn babies' right to life. Some try to appeal to the infamous Supreme Court rulings which, they believe, justify their position. Others just make it loud and clear - they know that unborn baby is alive, but they don't care. (Some may even go as far as calling the unborn "a parasite".)

Same with other arguments:
The mentality that "women should be able to choose" assumes that the only women we should be concerned about are those who are already born. A good response to this question is, "Which women?" The ones in the womb, or the ones who are pregnant?
That is common sense for the vast majority of people, including those who consider themselves pro-"choice". But die-hard pro-aborts would rather let thousands of unborn girls be slaughtered in the womb for merely being girls, than support a measure which may restrict second trimester abortions.

Jennifer's arguments may convince many people that are "middle of the road"; those who just don't know that status-quo means unrestricted abortions up until birth. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to convince those for whom abortion is a sacrament that should be offered no matter what.


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