Sunday, January 25, 2009

Secular Humanism: Getting The Bible Out One "Human Rights Complaint" At A Time

Following a "human rights" complaint, Canada Post management in Cornwall, ON no longer allows mail carriers to say the traditional blessing "Merçi Seigneur pour la belle journée" ("Thank you Lord for the beautiful day") as they begin their routes. The 25 year-old tradition, which had never been obligatory for all, was found to be "discriminatory" by some activist who filed the complaint and now, to avoid any further complaints, it's been banned altogether. Insisting on saying the traditional blessing may result in suspension.

Behold yet another achievement of Canada's phony "human rights" industry. And yet another milestone for secular humanism. The latter becomes nothing more but an expansive pagan cult, that seeks to eradicate any public evidence of Christian faith.
Homosexuals are permitted to flaunt perversion, sicken others by their public displays of sexuality and sometimes engage in the criminal behaviour of public nudity (cf. Toronto Gay Pride parades), but Christians aren't permitted to thank God for a beautiful day.
So, is "injecting" religion into the workplace supposed to be a violation of the constitution? Perhaps, but I didn't know that North Korea's constitution was binding in Canada!

It has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with wild-eyed zealots who hate Christianity. Are these same people demanding that Jewish workers remove their Yarmulkes? Are they taking stands against burka-wearing female Islamic employees? Or those who wear turbans? Or those who want to stop in the middle of the work day to pray towards Mecca? Or the woman who wants time off to go and have her unborn baby killed?

Besides, no part of life exists in a religious vacuum. If you ban Christianity, it is replaced by another religion, and for the most part in Canada today, that religion is Secular Humanism, a state-ist totalitarian religion that is at war with the religion of genuine liberty, Christianity.
That latter paragraph also explains the influx of atheist ads, the ones suggesting that there's "probably no God". (But I thought atheists weren't proselytizing.) Secular fundamentalists are looking forward to fill the spiritual void with their own ideology. Just like their Soviet counterparts they may eventually succeed in wiping out Canada's Christian heritage. But, just like their Soviet counterparts, Canadian secularists are unlikely to be able to replace Canada's founding religion and culture with anything meaningful.

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