Monday, January 5, 2009

Sex-Selection Abortions - A Form Of "Good Discrimination"?

Saying that boys are better than girls - that's sexist. Slaughtering an unborn girl in the womb just because she is a girl - that apparently is a part of the implied "right to choose". At least that's how abortion advocacy group Ipas sees it.
Sex-selected abortion, or “gendercide,” as some feminist critics call it, is a practice whereby parents choose to terminate a pregnancy because the unborn child is not of the desired sex. It is generally carried out against baby girls. The practice has led to unnatural gender imbalances in some countries, mostly in Asia, where in some areas of China, for instance, as many as 150 boys are born for every 100 girls, creating a dramatic demographic crisis.

In response, some governments have banned sex-detection tests and outlawed sex-selected abortion. Ipas claims that as a result of these policies, “tremendous pressure emerges to control and restrict all second-trimester abortions,” the time when most sex-selected abortions occur. Ipas argues that “providers, afraid of being accused of providing sex-selective abortions, may limit their services to the first trimester, even when second-trimester services are legal.”
In other words, those guys would rather let thousands of unborn girls be aborted for merely being girls, than allow a situation in which a woman could be denied second trimester abortion. Apparently, from their prospective, gender discrimination is bad only as long as abortion doesn't come into play.

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