Monday, January 19, 2009

Use Of Protest For The Sake Of Protest

Here's a great essay by Mike S. Adams. While it's titled "Letter to a Handcuffed Feminist", it's not really about feminism. It's about all those protesters who use protest simply for the sake of protest; whose goal is not to win the argument, but to silence someone they don't agree with, drawing as much attention as possible to themselves.
Protestors of my speech at The University of New Hampshire broke into glass cases and spray-painted swastikas on my picture. Then, when my speech was over, the protestors asked really pointed questions like “Do you want to bring back slavery?” and “Do you think it’s OK to beat a gay person with a baseball bat?” Remarkably, after the liberals had vandalized my posters, one liberal asked if I could learn to be a little more civil in my discourse. He went through the line three times to ask me that same question.

Like I said, the protestors have no idea what they are protesting – the speech wasn’t about legalizing slavery and the assault of gays. But the protestors do manage to draw a lot of attention. Indeed, UNH provided five armed police officers and a police escort (which I refused) to take me back to my hotel.

Protestors of my speech at Appalachian State University couldn’t think of a single objection to the substance of my points so (in the middle of the Q & A) they ran out of the room after shutting off the lights in the auditorium. The audience just sat there in the dark wondering why the un-bathed protestors were angry.

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