Tuesday, February 24, 2009

40 DAYS FOR LIFE @ 180º

This year's 40 Days For Life Vigil begins tomorrow at over 130 locations, including 5 Canadian cities: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton. Unfortunately there's no vigil site in Atlantic Canada this time - just as there are no vigil sites in Saskatchewan and BC. But there's still a special opportunity to participate for all of us:
40 Days for Life @ 180º, therefore, is a way of acknowledging the participation of Canadians across the country, from north to south (hence the 180º), who either do not have an official campaign in their city or cannot make it out to the Vigil outside of the local abortion mill.

The idea is similar to the one used for recording the hours in front of the abortion mill. Each participant registers for one or more hours of the available 960 hours of the Campaign, indicating the Church or Group and the City they represent. The goal is to cover the calendar completely with prayer warriors.

To register for 40 Days for Life @ 180º, complete the registration form.
So, let's get all those empty spots covered!

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