Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Can't We Just Send Him Back?

How do you like this message of peace and diversity:
MONTREAL — The videos found on Said Namouh's computer when police raided his Quebec apartment in 2007 are brutal: point-blank executions of Westerners, suicide bombings, a charred soldier's body dragged through the street in celebration. Others offered tips on bomb-making or threatened Western governments over the presence of troops in Afghanistan.
She said evidence recovered from his computer hard drive showed that he was responsible for creating links to publicize a March, 2007, video warning the governments of Germany and Austria that they would suffer terrorist attacks if their troops were not withdrawn from Afghanistan. He provided art for a May, 2007, communiqué by the Army of Islam, claiming responsibility for the kidnapping in Gaza of BBC reporter Alan Johnston and demanding the release of prisoners, Ms. Katz said. He also made available propaganda videos with such titles as Jihad Academy and Top Ten, glorifying insurgent attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. In May, 2007, he announced on the forum that he had created his own compilation video of attacks in Iraq, a 50-minute film known as Final 1000.
The court has also heard that in August, 2007, Mr. Namouh's Internet chats were intercepted, revealing what police believe were plans to explode a truck bomb at an undisclosed location outside Canada.
The National Post refers to him as "Quebec man". However, another article, one that discusses Namouh's ties to the kidnapping of a BBC journalist in Gaza, mentions his country of origin: he's a Moroccan jihadi living in Canada. So why can't we sent him back to Morocco?

After all, if he came here claiming refugee from an oppressive Islamic regime - then his claim was false. Since this Namouh guy admires Sharia rule so much that he wants it to dominate all over the world, there's no way he could have found Islamic laws and customs violating his own rights and freedoms. And, if he came here as a skilled worker, the we should ask - skilled in what profession exactly? Did he put "preparing and distributing jihadist propaganda" as his intended occupation in Canada?

Also I wonder what was his answer to question 9 - whether or not he had been associated with a group that used, uses, advocated or advocates the use of armed struggle or violence to reach political religious or social objectives? Did he answer "yes" and then provided all the details on his ties to Al-Quaeda on a separate sheet? Or did he choose to simply answer "no", counting on the immigration officers to take his word for it?

Either way, his immigration papers were obtained through misrepresentation. That, as well as the fact that Namouh poses a security risk to Canada, provides legal grounds to strip him off his fraudulently acquired Canadian passport of convenience and deport him back to Morocco.

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