Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earth-Worshipers' Commandment: Maintain Humanity Under 500M

That's just one of the "environmentalist commandments" carved on the granite monument called "The Georga Guidestones". The other "anti-commandments" elaborate on that: "Be not a cancer on the earth. Leave room for nature. Guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity." According to the group that erected the monument, those "environmentalist commandments", carved on the granite plates should become "the guidestones to an age of reason".

In which not many of us would be allowed to live. If any.

Because maintaining the population under 500 million means the other 6.2 billion would have to go. And fast. With the people from the "least diverse" but "most consuming" nations to be the first in line for the forced abortions and euthanasia. Yes, those measures will have to be forceful. The magnitude of the task (eliminating 92.5% of the world's population) leaves no room for peaceful persuasion.

And, before you say that this is merely a crazy dream of no more than a handful of insane Earth-worshiping population control freaks, check out this game, which radical enviro-fascists have designed for our children:
That sends a certain message, doesn't it? So, if those guys ever get even close to taking power - they'll make China with its population control policies look like a Libertarian paradise. What's most disturbing is that despite all that, despite all those scandalous Green candidates who refer to people as "cancer of the Earth" on their campaign websites, many still regard the Green movement as nothing but peaceful environmentalists that merely want to keep the air and water pollution-free...
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