Monday, February 2, 2009

Pro-Life Students Face "Trespassing" Charges

The University of Calgary found another way to get back at pro-life students who refused to shut down the Genocide Awareness Project exhibit back in November. First they tried to scare them with arrest and expulsion, now the university is sending out summons to the court, charging pro-life students with... trespassing.
Two months after exhibiting the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) the pro-life students received, privately in their homes, summons to court. They must enter a plea by the end of this month, with a trial to be set for later in the year
Leah Hallman, president of CPL, stated today in an interview with LifeSiteNews that the students were "shocked" when they received the court summons, but added that "we did have an idea that it was coming."

"We're disappointed in the university," she said. Hallman said that CPS expects that six students in total will receive the summons, but that the summons have only been gradually coming in over the past week and a half.
"It is a double standard when the signs of Campus Pro-Life are censored for being too graphic when less than thirty meters away the university celebrates a graphic protest of the horrible atrocities committed against the Falun Gong. ... It is a double standard when an institution dedicated to unfettered thought ruthlessly silences those who disagree with them."
That shows how secure the pro-aborts feel when it comes to defending their point of view in an open debate. But there's one thing they forgot - the court is not a "human rights" commission. In the court of law, the truth is still the defense and facts still outweigh hurt feelings. So let the trial begin. It will be another another opportunity for pro-lifers to defend their right to speak up for unborn babies. A right that no pro-abort campus official can take away.

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