Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes, Abortion On Demand IS Genocide!

One deBeauxOs, a pro-abort extremist, is very upset with the Genocide Awareness Project which compares the genocide of abortion to the Holocaust. But since she has no arguments to prove her point, she changes the subject; instead of explaining us WHY abortion genocide can't be compared to the Holocaust, she accuses pro-lifers of being... "secret judeophobes".
They are poaching the Shoah because a Jew who had the temerity to survive became a pro-choice physician, health care practitioner and advocate for women's reproductive options.
That's how she explains it. No m-me deBeauxOs, what is similar between abortions on demand and the Shoah (Holocaust) - is that in both cases, people are being declared "non-humans" or "non-persons" either because of their ethnic origin (Jews in the Nazi Germany) or because of their age, size and location (unborn babies in the womb).

The similarities between abortions on demand and the Holocaust are numerous. In both cases dehumanization of those "unwanted" reached such extent that the society ended up regarding their lives as having no value whatsoever. In both cases the society came to a point where it not only didn't mind the mass exterminations but was actually finding them beneficial.In the Holocaust, the society believed that Germany would be better off without Jews. Nowadays large part of our society believes that a woman would be better off without her baby. The result is the same - millions of innocent people ended up being brutally murdered because in the eyes of the society they were neither persons nor human beings.

"When personhood is denied, the unthinkable becomes reality" - that's the caption on the Genocide Awareness Project homepage. Who could imagine back in 1920s that Hitler's antisemitic rhetoric would result in extermination of 1/3 of the world's Jewish population? Even in late 1930s, when Jews had already become second-class citizens and with racial discrimination gaining momentum day after day, mass exterminations were still unthinkable. But what about exterminating nearly a quarter of the youngest generation? Who wouldn't consider that - unthinkable? And yet, if you put the numbers together - you'll get just that. 1 out of every 4 babies conceived after the ill-famous Supreme Court Ruling ended up being slaughtered before he could see daylight.

And here's more to think about: In the Holocaust, the Nazis used words like "relocations", "special treatment" and "final solution" to describe mass deportations of innocent people to the extermination camps. Nowadays the pro-aborts use fancy words like "reproductive rights", "right to choose" or "partial-birth" to describe murder and dismemberment of innocent babies. And, just like the Nazis tolerated no opposition and allowed no debate on whether or not Jews should have rights, the pro-aborts too tolerate no debate on fetal rights, resorting to persecution, violence, riots and vandalism to silence anyone who says that unborn babies too have a right to life.
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artfulfrog said...

I've always said that abortion is genocide for the unborn! I'm glad to know that I am not alone in my thinking of that.