Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everyone Against Abortion Please Raise Your Hand

That's the gruesome reality of the culture of "choice". As you watch this video, remember - this is just one hand out of hundreds of thousands.
The truck you saw was the one picking up baby bodies. It used to come on Tuesdays, and we convinced the truck driver to quit the job and go elsewhere to work. We gave him leads for jobs and he was hired. He has stopped back on occasion to visit and thank us. The baby bodies are put in red plastic bags with "medical waste" printed on them, then the red bag is put inside a large box and thrown in the back of the truck. The babies are then disposed of in the landfill where your regular doctor medical waste is put. That is how they dispose of babies whose bones have developed to the point that the industrial type garbage disposal will not break them up and flush them down the drain.

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