Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shire Network News Is Back

The new website is www.snnsite.com. And it's sure great to see the SNN back, defending the anglosphere through satire.

Check out their latest podcast. Among other things it weighs in on the riots that took place at the York University campus a few weeks ago. And here's something I haven't heard before: As it turns out, the event that enraged the campus radicals (jihadis and lefties side by side,) leading to a riot, had nothing to with Israel or Zionism. It was a press conference, organized by a group of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, to announce they had successfully collected over 5000 signatures to hold a recall election for the "student government" at York University.

Yes, that was enough for some campus groups (guess which ones) to feel threatened. And they responded in their usual manner: trying to drown out the speakers by chanting slogans and banging on walls, demanding to halt the conference and remove those students who had organized it from campus, mixing accusations of racism with ethnic slurs... Sounds just too familiar, doesn't it? Well, check out the podcast, there's a lot more about what happened at the campus that day, and a lot more other news which you won't find in the mainstream media.

By the way - it took just a few weeks for Shire Network News to raise the funds they needed for the new hosting. In the end, $1810 was raised from 36 contributors. Now compare that with all those "cultural groups" out there that are demanding $100M of taxpayers' money and more government regulations for the ISPs to shove their production down our throats.

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