Sunday, March 8, 2009

Would Barbara Hall Want That Guy In Her Own Changing Room?

John Fulton, the owner of a fitness club in St. Catharines, Ontario, is being hauled in front of a "human rights" tribunal for not letting a male pervert into women-only areas of his gym. The complainer, a so called "transsexual" was dressing like a woman and was planning to get his body surgically mutilated to resemble one of a female. So he demanded to be treated as if he actually were a woman - even if that meant forcing women to let someone who was biologically a male into their bathrooms and changing rooms. As a responsible business owner, Mr. Fulton refused to allow that. The pervert filed a "human rights" complaint. The OHRC was quick to side with the complainer:
Fulton said he called the tribunal and was told he had to let the man use the women's facilities, but he said he couldn't get an answer on what his rights and the rights of his female clients are.

"I had to find out what my women's rights were," he said Wednesday.
So, according to the OHRC, sick desires of a perverse man who thinks that merely changing clothes could turn him into a woman, outweigh normal women's right to privacy. Hmmm... I wonder if Barbara Hall, the chief of Ontario's Orwellian tribunal would want that guy in her own changing room...

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