Thursday, April 30, 2009

Office Of The Governor General Reaffirms Its Anti-Life Stand

A pro-life delegation that came to Rideau Hall to submit a petition against the Morgentaler award, was confronted by two RCMP officers from the "Special Events to the Governor General" unit:
Minutes after handing in the petition, while the group was huddled in prayer and conversation, two RCMP police officers demanded to speak with MacDonald separately from the group. According to MacDonald, the officers identified themselves as part of the "Special Events to the Governor General" unit and said they were dispatched by the coordinator in charge of public events for the Governor General.

MacDonald relates that one of the officers demanded his name and contact information, and stated that the group was engaging in an "unscheduled protest." When MacDonald replied that it was a scheduled meeting with the representatives of the Governor General and not a protest, the officer pointed to the "I regret my abortion" sign carried by Frances Wilkinson. "I hardly think of one woman holding an 'I regret my abortion sign' to be an unscheduled protest," responded MacDonald. confirmed with the Communications Director of the Governor General's office that the meeting was indeed scheduled. However, Ms. Lucy Carol said she was "not aware" of the action by the police and directed to the RCMP. RCMP communications officer Carolin Poulin said she would need to get more information on the incident, prior to responding specifically, but did say that the RCMP was responsible for security at the GG's office.

MacDonald says that he told the officer after the interrogation, "I find this extremely intimidating, and I think you are sending a strong message to these young people that if they disagree with officials, they will be treated like suspected criminals."
So the Office of the Governor General wasn't aware of the RCMP actions, directing Life Site News to the RCMP. The RCMP in its turn needs more information about the incident, so it refers all those concerned back to the GG's office. Now, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? Back in late June of 2008, when the rumors about the chief abortionist's nomination for the Order of Canada started leaking out, the GG's office directed all those phoning in to protest to... Life Canada. As if it was Life Canada's decision to nominate Canada's butcher to the Order of Canada - despite an earlier pledge not to do so.

Now, when a pro-life delegation, lead by former Broadway performer, David MacDonald, comes to Rideau Hall to submit a petition of over 18,000 people opposing the award - the coordinator in charge of public events for the Governor General dispatches a couple of RCMP officers in an attempt to get them out of there before their pro-life signs draw too much attention. Once again the Office of the Governor General has reaffirmed its anti-life stand.

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